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Endure Love

because my heart
is not my weakness
I will not care-less 
and though that cup runneth over with
suffering and distress
heartache and bitterness  
leaving me drunk from a sullied love
I will not stop
even slightly
less longer than
a moment
I will resist caving
in nihilism
but a prisoner of hope
I will persist in loving

Because despite everything and all things that would come to pause our hearts and stop us in our tracks...we must still love.

Because despite and in spite of the heartbreaks and the mood aches, we will again awaken to love. We must answer the call to love. We need be the love we are born of. 

Do not let your heart be weakened by the words or the deeds of another who could not love you to full capacity or overflow in the fervor of your love. Do not let your heart be so troubled or dismayed by the lost ones who came to find rest in you for a short moment. They came to leave you with a lesson or two. You are the originator of your love. Their ghost cannot diminish the love fulfilled in you. Love on. Love up. Love in. Because love does, you too can endure.  

erm...It is Well