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She believes: The quickest way to acquire wealth and status is to marry a man better off than she. "I will not marry for love!" She said as if love were a weakness or infirmity. "That is an outdated, old-fashioned thing. And I do not want to work for 20 years to establish myself," she retorted. "The man I marry will bring me up. I'm not marrying for love. That is senseless; I don't need that. Nor do I need emotional or spiritual succor from my marriage. I can get that myself...what I need is financial stability. That is the purpose of a husband to me." 

Her normal is a loveless marriage. And she has barely lived to discover her own...Her indifference to holy matrimony sort of shocked me. Baby girl is only 20 years young--but knew from the top of her wig to the bottom of her pedicured feet: I know myself! You don't me! And all the while baby girl spoke, I fought to keep my speech. Finally I had to release. But, it was clear she could not hear me. She conducted research to validate her plea. A loveless marriage will better serve her if the man she meets brings her enough money to please her needs. Love has died in her or sleeps deep. She wouldn't wake it up--to the possibility of it breathing free--again.

And I wondered from where she adopted this fallacy...She has adjusted to her feeling-less, materialistic expectations. Why? 

Please believe I do not judge this young lady. But to hear her young, unknowing voice speak with all her conviction, did something to the woman in love in me. I'd like to think I disrupted her stoic mentality. Because sooner of later we will come to face the reality: love is everything. And yes we are entitled to our own opinions, and yes we have the birthright to live into or own beliefs, but life has taught me--watch the words you speak. They come for you.

It is crazy to think--in this season of life--a woman will come to find a man to provide everything she desires with the mere exchange of youth and beauty. When woman, that is your duty! It is your duty to meet your needs and live by design. It is your duty to be your own salvation in every sense of the word. Why burden your heart and another soul with the deficiency of your needs? In knowing how to give love, we recognize the love we want to receive. And any love that seeks for itself is not love and selfish indeed. So baby girl I ask again, a loveless marriage--is that where you want to sow seed? 

We should pray for a revolution, for love to be stirred in the hearts of the young women coming up. Because if they are joining and conjugating in loveless-ness--what kind of progeny will they return back to our Creator? 

Or maybe I'm the one who sees it wrong. What do you believe? Comment please. 

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