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Rewriting the Narratives

Let us begin the work of getting to the heart of the matter.
I hereby declare this your blog! The dream I wish to see as a reality for such a time as this, is a space where woman peel off the layers to discover themselves. When I say rewriting the narratives, it means throwing out the scripts we memorized from the mouth of tradition and removing the limitations we've worn under the guise of religion.

Rewriting the Narratives means, taking off our mother's dress, our grandmother's head wrap, our sister's shoes...It means taking from our abiding thoughts the teachings we were given as doctrine and removing from our internal dialogue all the myths we have talked into our being. It means breaking through all the gospels we were given as the formula for living. You are the writer of your life. Everyday you arise from your bed and your feet touch the floor, you have the power to co-create with your Father God. 

But before you create haphazardly for one more moment; before you create one more stronghold from a place of weakness or one more ounce of your life with ill intention--you should search your heart. You should take a seat in your soul and observe the comings and goings. You should get to the bottom of your heart, through all your matter. 

Getting to the Heart of the Matter is what I believe to be the path to wholeness and living well. The residue of brokenness, loneliness, rejection, betrayal, abandonment...need I continue. (I know you have a list of your own). When we do not use our response-ability and sift through our matter, renew our hearts, the residue of these things sit on our hearts, festering, occupying viable space, leaving no room for healing. We know everything unsettled in our heart brims to the surface of our life, on the job, in the home, through relationships. No area is exempt. But so what?

The Call to Action--you knew it was coming. I challenge you to join me on the mission. Accept it. Take off the mask. Peel off dead skin. Liberate your story. It has held you hostage long enough. Share boldly and unabashedly. (Or if you wish, share anonymously).

You are wise. As wise women, it is our burden and blessing to impart our hard earned wisdom gained from heartache and sufferance to younger generations. To our daughters and nieces and friends coming along the way, we owe them, the knowing of what it takes for a woman to become whole, stay whole and thrive. So go ahead, share a paragraph or share a page (or share this link). The point is let it go. The story has no power over you. But it can be powerful to the inspiring of another. 

erm...It is Well