After the Affair

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After the Affair

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Readers Review

Mark my words—This will be a BEST SELLER!
I carry many unspoken thoughts and feelings in the depths of my heart and mind which the author has poured out of her own soul allowing me a way to connect and feel less alone. Emmanuella is one of my favorite poets and now has masterfully crafted a book of real life prose and poetry—I couldn’t be happier. I deeply appreciate the memoir of this beloved woman of God who had the courage to share with the world the finely woven fibers of her woman-essence.
The story is gripping, heart breaking and beautiful. I felt empowered and reminded that I AM WORTHY after reading this book. If you are a woman—THIS IS A MUST READ! If you appreciate poetry—THIS IS A MUST READ!
— LM

Feeling her strength, heart and soul...
This a poetic heartfelt and often heart wrenching personal story of the quest for a higher romantic love.
With the courage to express inner most, intimate feelings and experiences on love, this book is ultimately about strength and faith in Life and Love. Emmanuella is every woman who doesn’t want to settle and evolves through the pain to become whole in her own right.
I especially loved her amazing works of poetry throughout the book...the reader feels it and lives it with her!
— Sueann

This book addresses a very common issue rarely discussed publicly. The author provides an inside look into her emotions and feelings leading into, during and after her marital affair. Her perspective is a refreshing reminder that we’re all humans and make mistakes, yet we do not have to be bound by our mistakes. Excellent read!!!
— T. Kassa

The author was able to depict desire, lessons learned, along with growth. I found myself engaged, page after page with similarities to my own life—with words I can never bring myself to admit—but there they were in ink for me to read. Please buy today and read her journey for yourself. See how you will be able to take from this “journal” and learn so much of yourself.
— Yvonne Bienaime

A book for all of us women...
This a story of recovery and revival from a woman who knows of what she speaks. It is a story of renewal and self acceptance—written with grace and a poignancy that keeps you flipping to the next page. This book is for anyone needing a voice for heartbreak and needing encouragement for re-making a life. I love the book and honor the strength of its author.
— Jennifer Harding

I’m not a person of many words; and I think most men are not. We go through things and we get over it, never giving much thought to the process and the details to get through. However, reading this interpretation of a woman’s struggle to self discovery and self worth has given me insight I will value going forward. I’ve never considered the depths of emotions or consequences a woman can feel as a direct result of my actions as a man. I appreciate the raw honesty from her heart. I’ve not read anything like this. If you are looking to learn a little more about your lady—this is a good read. If we learned to empathize more with women as ourselves, we would all be better off. It takes courage to take responsibility. Highly recommended.
— Chris Green