"I've been journaling for many years; documenting my fleeting moments of bliss, uncertainty, angst, emptiness, love--my infinite totality. My prayers, my prose, my urgent napkin poems--I have mastered the art of recording the minutes of my life."

And one day, I decided I would share the message from the mess I've lived through. It's been a slow, painfully rewarding process. Some moments I really liked who I was, and other moments, I despised me. Some moments I didn't even recognize me. There were moments I questioned how would it feel for someone to read me. Would they see themselves through me? Would they relate to me or I to them? All these pensive moments, lost in my head, caught up in my heart, to finally get to this moment--where I am bold enough to give it away. 
I'm giving my journal away to all who want to read it. 
That is the foundation of this book.