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Be, Do, Have

Be well in your going and knowing
Be thrilled, don’t wonder:
All things are possible!
It will all work out for your greater good--
Dwell in that fascinating freedom
and in it be flexible
with your heart, your hands, your thoughts, your will
Rest assure in the courage you have inside
It is fortified by a faith from beyond the plentiful clouds
Flow in the steady stream of abundance...
Abundance of clarity, abundance of focus,
abundance of creativity, beauty, and of glee
Remember Beloved, monitor your fears and your doubts
You have no idea what you are made of, made for, made to do
But know, along with a few miracles here and there
Your life will make sure you know it
Be well in your becoming

—a few words He gave to me

erm…It is Well


Just in Case... didn't know. Your life is God's gift to you. 
What you do with your life, is your gift to God and life. 
Therefore, use your present well. 

erm...It is Well