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I didn't fancy the label "baby momma," so I stole the title "wife." And somehow became a single marred mistress--all at the hands of the men I chose for me. 

I wanted to be like the other ladies in the sanctuary who flaunted matrimony. I wanted to be a noble woman walking in God's glory. I wanted to be everything except what I was. But who said what I was—wasn’t good enough for me? Had I not despised my loneliness, I would not have compromised my holiness, gave away my loveliness. 

But know this: the men of my past are no reflection of the woman who stands above ground today. Do not judge how I chose them when I was love hungry and desperate, flirting with vain hopes. If that woman had not died in the arms of those sweet talkers and false lovers, I wouldn't be alive today. 

Today, as this woman, I am my best lover. Though not popular, I am my own happy ending. This is my story.

Part memoir, part prose poem, and part inspirational journal, this story is a well crafted redemptive saga of a young mother’s fall from grace. The reader experiences the heartbreak of her marriage to an emotionally absent spouse, and her consequent search for comfort in the arms of a lover. We experience her downward spiral of pain as her marriage breaks up, her self esteem shatters, and then slowly she finds her way out of the emotional morass of her life.

It is a heartbreaking every woman story that so many women can relate to. Deeply perceptive and brutally honest, I think anyone who has gone through the trauma of having a love affair will certainly relate to the humanity of this story. In the end, the author finds strength and grows.
A recommended book.
— Marie Munich, Author

After the Affair
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