Having lived through the casualities of impatience and stubborness; the collision of pride and humility...It is good to be in this place. Having lived through the seeming permanence of loss and displacement, it is refreshing to be in this place.

This place of knowledge; this place of wisdom. This place of restoration of faith. This place of obedience and it's reward. A place of happiness and adoration for my journey. This is a place where lessons learned are remembered, consulted and applied. This place where admiration for my life is an honor, a gift to be had.

That moment when my 12 year-old daughter can say to me, I am proud of you: Priceless! To know that she pays attention and most likely has been for a long time before she could articulate her thoughts today...

Today, living in the wonderment of submission, this place of agreeing with life and the unforced, natural flow of it. This place of trusting God and seeking Him first. This is a magnificent space to be in. This is the other side of through.  

Through...(through trial and error, through suffering and struggling, through doubting and not knowning, through living)...

Today my mouth is filled with praise and laughter because now I reap in joy all that I sowed in tears. Life is so well and so worth living here on the other side of through. But you have to make it through to get to here! In case you need reminding, you can make it. 

The life I live today, I did not imagine it. It is better than the thoughts I held for myself. Far exceeds the aspirations I envisioned--and to think this is merely the beginning. 

What I know for sure, gratitude is attractive. It was good for me to have suffered for a while, for He has establisehd me and perfected my way. Grace is real. Miracles are for us. Life is beautiful. 

erm...It is Well

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